About Appinux


Appinux is a Danish company that is dedicated to create long-lasting and effective changes in social and health sectors. Our solution has been in production since 2013 for Danish municipalities and regions with thousands of users visually connected every day with Appinux ‘secure and scalable technology and cloud-based services. We focus on delivering services with high quality, given the need for interaction between care providers and citizens can work most effectively.

Our dedication to create new, long-lasting and more efficient services to social and health sectors rooted in several things; We see, among other things, an aging population in developed countries, an expansion of population to remote areas and the rapid advances within modern medicine, leads all to short supply of specialists in a given field. The demand is on the rise to connect care providers with patients and each other regardless of where they are physically. Providing transportation to patients or mobilizing care providers is very costly and inefficient. A new infrastructure is required to make care less dependent upon geography and bring the right services to the patient regardless of wherever they may be.


To solve some of the challenges described above, this is where, from Appinux ‘perspective, technology comes in. Technology is now a days changing many industries, look for example at the banking industry, where new technology has made it easier and smarter to transfer money from one person to another and in many places also made payment faster and easier. You can no longer ignore the fact that technology has a huge impact on many of the things and the processes taking place in our society. Therefore, we see it in Appinux also as a natural part of the evolution of society, that social and health sectors goes with this wave – both to be more efficient, but also to optimize and improve conditions for both social and health professionals and citizens. It is our vision to create a better everyday life for patients with health problems and social challenges. We will do this by being a leader in digital transformation, which focuses on creating a community based on a patient-focused platform for collection, sharing and collaboration between all parties around the patient.

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Kenneth Thorman