Citizens can obtain equipment for their own home. It can be a tablet, which plays music every time a citizen must remember to take their medication. Along with the tablet, citizens can obtain instruments like for example a heart rate monitor Citizens can thus make own measurements, for example lung capacity, heart rate, blood pressure, weight etc. All measurements can be made via bluetooth connection of all essential appliances for chronic patients. The devices will be attached to mobile devices.

Telehealth contains

  • Access to the app on IOS and Android
  • Access to video from Apps and chrome browser
  • Access to the platform from all browsers and mobile devices
  • Data collection on bluetooth for Android app from blood sugar, spirometer, saturation, weight and blood pressure
  • Graphs with measurements in result module
  • Triagemodul with the possibility of setting up personal triage
  • Calendar Module
  • Schedule Planning Module with available triage
  • Contact Module with selected citizens and employees
  • A module for relatives
  • Measurement module
  • Reports with measurement etc.
  • Call center with the opportunity to connect several call centers
  • Access to user and role management
  • Possibly access to cross-sectorial data sharing and video communication, access to logistics data about used devices, access to support data (network, battery, etc.) about the used devices, access to MDM handling, integration with AD with users and integration to care system

If you have other questions about our telehealth solutions you are welcome to contact us.