Kolding municipality

Implementation across Kolding municipality

Kolding Municipality started implementing Appinux in 2013 with deployments across Kolding municipality. Kolding municipality works as Appinux’ primary cooperation partner and development municipality where new initiatives are tested in close cooperation with management, institutions and citizens.

Appinux is used internally in Kolding municipality in the Senior and Social in different ways: Health Center, health check of the employees, Team Boards and home support for people with mental disorders, early detection and COPD. The municipality also work to ensure cross-sectoral collaboration with acute citizens with features and solutions that provide practice doctors, FAM and Kolding Hospitality access to citizen’s municipal data with the development of the Fast Track module.

Kolding Municipality uses Appinux for coherent interventions for citizens and to the employees’ daily work more efficient. This is done by simple means and by using the most modern technologies.