Dedicated to creating long-lasting and effective changes in the social and health sectors

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At Appinux we emphasize that our product is


Flexibility means that employees, citizens and relatives are given access to exactly what they need, in terms of their health and care needs. It is both via web and apps.


Appinux can be adapted dynamically to the individual customer's needs. That means that an individual with a given diagnosis only sees relevant applications and modules, whereas the employee sees other applications and modules.


Appinux is designed with modules or applications that appear on the front as icons. The icons are designed as illustrations that are easy to identify. The modules do all follow the same recipe, once one is learned, the rest is intuitively easier to use.


It is the customer who decides who should have access to data in the system. Data can be pulled out of the system via CSV export. Openness is also in the way we integrate with other systems. Appinux supports integration and data exchange with strategic partners.


Meet our customers and partners

Below you see a sample of some of our customers in Danish municipalities and regions