Cookies Policy


Does Appinux use cookies?

Yes. We use functional cookies. We use one cookie on this homepage to remember you language. If you are logging in we will in some cases use a cookie to remember what your usertype is (citizen or employee), this way you do not have to select this on every login. When you are logged in we use 2 cookies to identify you so we can show you your data as long as you are logged in.

What is a Cookie?

A cookie is a small file stored on your device (computer, tablet or phone) that activates some of Appinux’s features.

Does Appinux use cookies in connection with ads?

No. Appinux does not use cookies to create personal or interest-based ads.

Does Appinux use third-party cookies?

No. Appinux does not use third-party cookies.

User Agreement

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Privacy Policy

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Cookie Policy

The Cookie Policy is a description of how we use cookies to improve the user experience, and improve our security.

Copyright Policy

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