Copyright Policy


It’s Appinux’s clear vision, to protect the copyright of our customers, on all the platforms we use. Appinux generally uses two types of platforms. First and foremost, there is the Appinux-Care platform which is the product Appinux sells. This is run by health professionals and citizens. Here it is the customer himself who stands for protecting the copyright, but Appinux will of course help, if the need arises (see section below)

In addition, Appinux uses several platforms to interact and collaborate with our customers. On these platforms, it is Appinux that is responsible for maintaining the copyright.

Complaints regarding content posted on Appinuxs website(s):, Community, Redmine & GitLab All content on (our own website) is managed by Appinux. It is not possible for others to access this website, and there should therefore not be situations where others may violate copyright. Should Appinux, however, come to share something that may be infringing, we ask you to report this, after which the contents will be removed.

Community: The purpose of our community is to create a platform where everyone can share their ideas, their experiences, and their wishes for change. It is thus a platform that will strengthen collaboration between customers and help improve the Appinux-Care platform. If any content violates the copyright, we ask that you adress your concers to the relevant person, before asking Appinux for help. If this does not help, Appinux can be contacted and, if interpreted as infringing, the content will be removed.

Redmine: Redmine is the platform Appinux uses to allow customers to report errors and features. It is a platform for customers’ super users, and not citizens. Super users can only see the content in their own project, and it will therefore be strange if there is content that infringes the copyright. Should this happen, we ask customers to draw attention to this and the content will be removed by Appinux.

GitLab: Appinux uses GitLab to track issues from customers, as well as communicate with our developers. Appinux strives toward not having any content that infringes the copyright on this site. Customers have no access to this site, but can, if neccessary, request access, if they find it relevant.

The Appinux-Care-Platform

Data available on the Appinux-Care platform has been produced by either a healthcare professional and / or the citizen. Appinux does not access any data unless we in writing has been asked by the data owner to access data. A data owner can be a clinic, hospital, regional authorities, municipalities or government.

If you are a citizen that is reporting data via the Appinux platform and you find something wrong then you should contact your contact person ( a clinic, hospital, regional authorities, municipalities or government). If you are an employee, the contact will be the super user / Admin in the department. Typically, these will be able to correct possible errors.

However, if this is not possible, you can write directly to Appinux (contact information is located further down), or if you are using the Appinux mobile app use the “Report a bug” functionality (it will only share what server you are coming from and your id (it will not share your social security number/cprnr)). If you chose to use the contact information below – do not share sensitive data with us. The only information we need is what the problem is and your id/email address and server. We will not be able to help you directly but we can pass your request on to the relevant clinic, hospital, regional authorities, municipalities or government.

If you have been offered to use the Appinux platform either through a municipality, region or other governmental bodies then all gathered data are gathered by the municipality, the region or the other governmental bodies – not by Appinux. Appinux does not have access to the gathered data – except if the data owners needs support. The work of the municipalities, regions and other governmental bodies are covered by other legislation that may take precedence over the “GDPR” legislation, for instance.


Claims regarding copyright infringement

Notice of Copyright Infringement:

In accordance with the forthcoming GDPR Regulation, Appinux has implemented procedures for receiving written notification of claimed infringements. Appinux has also appointed a representative who receives objections regarding alleged copyright infringement. If you believe in good faith that your copyright has been infringed, you may complete and submit a written declaration which contains the following:

Submission shipped to:

Appinux A/S
Borupvang 2C, 2750 Ballerup,

1. An electronic or physical signature from the person authorized to act on behalf of the copyright owner.
2. A description of the copyrighted work that you claim is infringed.
3. A description that indicates the location of our alleged infringing material on our site.
4. Your e-mail address and your mailing address and / or phone number.
5. A statement stating that you are in good faith as to whether the disputed use has not been approved by the copyright owner, its representative or in accordance with the law, and
6. A statement made under criminal responsibility that the information in your opposition is correct and that you are the copyright owner or authorized to act on behalf of the copyright owner.


If you believe that an objection of copyright infringement directed against you is unlawful, you may object to this. The dispute is executed and sent as follows to the address shown above:

1. Your physical or electronic signature.
2. An identification of the material that has been removed or whose access is disabled.
3. A statement made under criminal liability where you indicate that you believe in good faith that removal or disabling of the material was an error or that the material was mistakenly identified.
4. Your full name, e-mail address, mailing address, and statement in which you accept service from the complainant who submitted the objection or his authorized representative.

Please submit your appeal to the Appinux representative by writing to the address above.

Claims regarding content other than copyright infringement

In case of copyright infringement, please contact your therapist, super user or Appinux directly, depending on the matter. For example, it could be:

1. Reporting inappropriate content, messages and security issues
2. Presumption that someone else uses your profile
3. Software problems that have serious consequences

Notice regarding content from Appinux: Text, photo, audio or video material and graphic material may not be published, distributed or edited for release or distribution directly or indirectly on any media platform. These materials from Appinux or parts of them may only be stored in a computer for personal, non-commercial use. Users must not download or reproduce most of the content from Appinux found on this site. Appinux can not be held liable for delays, incorrect information, errors or omissions in the content or in the transmission or delivery of all or part thereof, or for claims arising from any of the foregoing.

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