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Protecting Your Privacy

Please note: this information is not relevant for citizens that are using the Appinux-platform i collaboration with a municipality, a region or other governmental bodies

It is Appinux’s vision to create a platform where interdisciplinary collaboration, and experiences from across the country, can benefit the individual citizen as a unified effort. That’s why Appinux uses several different sites to ensure that quality and security go hand in hand.

If you are a citizen and read this, then not much on this site will interest you. Since Appinux does not collect, store or process data that is sensitive to persons, but leaves this to the professional, we will not go into this in more detail here. However, if you are unsure, you are always welcome to contact Appinux (see contact information at the bottom of the page).

The purpose of this site is to show how we use our services, what information you send, what we store and how we use it. By using our services, you agree to our use of your data in accordance with this Privacy Policy.


At Appinux, we know that genuine innovation comes in collaboration with the people who need to use our technology. That is why it is important for us that we work closely together, both between Appinux and our customers, but also between our customers. Therefore, Appinux makes use of three other sites that differ from the Appinux platform by being managed by Appinux itself. Out of the three sites where Appinux works, there are two sites where our customers can be created with their own profile and where they have access to the system. These are the two platforms that we will describe in the following section on how we collect, process and store data.

Data Responsibility: You enter into the user agreement with the Appinux employee who creates you in the system. It is themselves responsible for the data they provide to Appinux is correct. Likewise, Appinux is responsible for the accuracy of the data presented by Appinux.

Services: This Privacy Policy applies to, all applicable protection servers, gitlab, redmine, community and other Appinux-related sites, apps and services.

Our Privacy Policy applies to all users and visitors of the Platform, as well as related services. You are responsible for the accuracy of the information you provide.

Consent: By using our Services, you consent to the collection, use and sharing of your personal data under this Privacy Policy (which includes our Cookie Policy and other documents referred to in this Privacy Policy) and accept the User Agreement.

By using our services, you agree to our Privacy Policy, our Cookie Policy, and the User Agreement.

Change: We may change this Privacy Policy. If you do not want to accept the changes, ask your superuser to close your account. Your continued use of our services after we publish or send notice of our changes to this Privacy Policy means that you agree to the updated Privacy Policy.

If you use our services after an update to this Privacy Policy, you agree to the changed policy.

1. What information we collect

1.1 Information you provide to us

Creation: To create one of our affiliate sites, you provide us with different information that may contain different data. Typically, this data is associated with information that can be used to contact you. For example, it can be your E-mail, your telephone number, your full name, etc.

You provide us with data to create an account with us.

Profile: You have options for the information on your profile. The profile information helps you get more out of our services, e.g. to help Appinux employees help you. You choose whether you want to enter sensitive information on your profile.

You create your Appinux profile (a complete profile helps you get the most out of our services).

Submission of data of uploads: We collect personal data from you when you enter, post or upload them to our services, such as when you create an issue, comment on a question (such as how a given module should work), upload an image to help us understand the context, or something else.

You provide other data to us.

1.2 Information from others

We do not use information from others as it would not make sense on our platforms. At Community, others may ask you to elaborate or answer a question, but it will always be you who submit the information.

Appinux does not collect information from others about you.

1.3 Use of services

We log usage data when you visit or otherwise use our services, including our sites, app and platform technology (such as our external plugins), e.g. when viewing or clicking content or performing a search. We use logins, cookies, device information and internet protocol addresses (“IP addresses”) to identify you and log your use.

We log your visits and your use of our services, including mobile apps.

1.4 Cookies and other similar technologies

As detailed in our Cookie Policy, we use cookies and similar technologies (such as web beacons, pixels, ad tags, and device IDs) to recognize you and / or your devices on, outside, and across various services and devices. We also allow certain others to use cookies as described in our Cookie Policy. You can control the use of cookies through your browser settings and other tools. You may also opt out of our use of cookies and similar technologies.

We collect data using cookies and similar technologies.

1.5 Your unit and position

When you visit or leave our services (including our plugins or cookies or similar technology on other people’s sites), we receive the URL of both the site you came from and the site you are going to. We also get information about your IP address, proxy server, operating system, web browser as well as additions, device IDs and features, and / or ISP or your mobile phone company. If you use our services on a mobile device, the device will send us data about your location. Most devices allow you to opt out of sending us location data and we respect your settings.

We receive data from your devices and networks, including location data.

1.6 Messages

We collect information about you when you send, receive or interact with messages related to our services. If an issue is created, Appinux will be notified immediately, using Email notifications.

If you communicate through our services, we will be notified.

1.7 Other

Our services are dynamic and we often launch new features that may require the gathering of new information. If we collect materially different personal data or substantially change the way we use your data, we will notify your system administrators and we may also change this Privacy Policy.

We are constantly improving our services, which means that we are constantly receiving new data and creating new applications for data.

2. This is how we use your data

How we use your personal data depends on what services you use, how you use those services, and your settings. We use the data we hold about you to provide, support, customize our services and support in a way that is more relevant and useful to you and others.

We use your data to provide, support, customize and develop our services.

2.1 Services

We use your data to confirm your identity and to allow access to our services.

We use your data to confirm your identity and to allow access to our services.

2.2 Payment Services

We do not sell payment services that provide our customers with customized search features and tools (including announcements and activity alerts) as part of our talent, marketing and sales solutions.

Custom search features and tools cannot be purchased.

2.3 Communication

We communicate with you via emails, messages on Appinux websites or apps, messages in your Appinux inbox and other communication channels through our services, including SMS notifications and push notifications. We may send you notices about the availability, security or otherwise of the Services in relation to the Services. We also send messages about how you can use the Services, network updates, reminders from us and our partners. You can always change your communication preferences. Please note that you cannot opt out of service announcements from us, including notices of security and legal issues.

We will contact you and allow members to communicate with each other. We offer settings for what and how often you receive certain types of messages.

2.4 Advertising

Appinux does not use data and information for advertising.

Appinux does not use advertising.

2.5 Customer Support

We use the data (which may include your communications) needed to investigate, respond to, and respond to complaints and service issues (such as errors).

We use data to help you and solve problems.

2.6 Security and Investigation

We use your data (including your communications) if we believe it is necessary for security reasons or to investigate potential fraud or other violations of our User Agreement or this Privacy Policy and / or attempts to harm our members or visitors.

We use data for investigations, security and to prevent fraud.

2.7 Dataset

We use your information to produce data sets that do not identify you. We can, for example. use your data to generate statistics about our users.

We use data to generate data sets.

2.8 Development of services and Research

We use data, including public feedback, to conduct research and development to further develop our services to provide you and others with a better, more intuitive and customized experience.

We develop our services and conduct research.

3. How we share information

3.1 Our services

Your profile is completely visible to all members and our customers. Your settings, as well as the use of our services, access channels and platform, affect how accessible your profile and certain fields are.

Posts, likes, things you follow, comments, messages
Our services allow you to view and share information, including using posts, things you follow, likes and comments.

1. When you share a post (such as an update, video, or blog post), the default setting (which you can change) is to share it publicly. Others who are not among your connections will be able to find (also via search engines) and see your post.
2. When you like, comment on, or share another person’s post, others can see it, including the person who made the post.
3. In a group, lookups are visible to others in the group. Your group membership is public and part of your profile unless you change the default settings.
4. Information that you share through the pages of companies or other organizations on our services will be viewable by the original sender and others who visit these pages.
5. When you follow a person or organization, you are visible as follows to others and the “site owner”. We provide complete data on followers and visitors to the site owner.
6. We will notify the sender when you interact with their lookup according to your preferences.

Any information you provide on your profile and content you post or social actions (i.e. likes, comments, shares) you make on our services may be viewed by others.

3.2 Statutory transfer

We may need to disclose information about you when required by law, subpoena or other legal process, or if we have a presumption that it is necessary to disclose the information in order to (1) investigate, prevent or act on suspected or actual illegal activities or to assist public authorities; (2) enforce our agreements with you, (3) investigate and defend ourselves against third-party claims or allegations, (4) protect the security or integrity of our services (for example, by sharing information with companies facing similar threats ); or to (5) enforce or protect the rights and security of Appinuxs, our members, employees or others. We attempt to notify our members of legal disclosure requirements for the transmission of their personal data, if we deem appropriate, unless prohibited by law or court order or if the request is urgent. We may dispute such claims when, in our sole discretion, we believe the requests are excessive, inconclusive, or lack sufficient authority, but we will not promise that we will challenge all requests.

We may need to share your data when we believe it is required by law, or to protect you, your security and your rights.

3.3 Archiving communications

Some members (or their employers) need to file their communications and activity on social media for legal or compliance requirements and will use the services of others to use these archiving services. We enable such filing outside our services. For example, a financial advisor must file communications with his clients through our services to meet regulatory requirements.

Regulated members may need to store their communications outside our service.

4. Your choices and commitments

4.1 Data Storage

We store the personal data you provided while your account exists or when necessary to provide services to you. Even if you only use our services to create an issue, we store your information and keep your profile open until you choose to close your account. In some cases, we choose to store certain information in a unified form that is not personally identifiable.

We keep most of your personal data as long as your account is open.

4.2 Right to access and control your personal data

We offer many options for collecting, using and sharing your data, from deleting or correcting the data you include on your profile, and managing the visibility of your lookups and communication preferences. We give you access to the personal data we hold about you.

You can access or delete your personal data. You have many choices in how your data is collected, used and shared.

4.3 Account closure

If you choose to close your account, your personal data will be mostly unavailable to others on our services within 24 hours. We generally delete information on a closed account within 30 days of closing the account, with the exception of the scenarios below.

We retain your personal data even after you close your account, if reasonably necessary to comply with our legal obligations (including requests from official authorities), comply with laws and regulations, resolve disputes, maintain security, prevent fraud and abuse, enforce our User Agreement, or respond to your request to unsubscribe from further notices from us. We will retain information that is not personally identifiable once your account has been closed.

Content in Groups linked to closed accounts identifies an unknown user as the source of the content. Your profile may continue to be displayed to others on the Services (for example, in search engine results) until they update their cache.

We will keep some of your data even if you close your account.

5. Other important information

5.1 Security

We implement security measures designed to protect your data, e.g. HTTPS. We regularly monitor our systems for potential vulnerabilities and attacks. However, we cannot guarantee the security of the information you send us. There is no guarantee that data cannot be accessed and that it cannot be disclosed, altered or destroyed by a breach of our physical, technical or administrative security measures.

We monitor and try to prevent security holes. You should use the security features available on our services.

5.2 Cross-border data transfer

Appinux only stores data in Denmark, at data centers that meet all the highest certifications and regulatory requirements. No data is hosted elsewhere than in Denmark.

We store and use data in your own country.

5.3 Direct marketing and “do not track” signals

Appinux does not exchange personal data with third parties for direct marketing purposes. You can read more about this on the Cookie Policy page.

Our statements regarding direct marketing and “do not track” signals.

5.4 Contact info

If you have any questions or complaints regarding this policy, please contact Appinux first. You can also send us a letter. If your complaint is not addressed to your satisfaction, there are other options available.

You can contact us by mail or use other methods of complaint.

User Agreement

The User Agreement is a description of the terms you agree on, when you use one of our products.

Privacy Policy

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Cookie Policy

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